About Me

I am a Computer Engineering Major at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I am very interested in Robotics, UAVs, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Welcome to my website. Below you will find my experience, skills and most recent projects.


Amazon Robotics

Software Development Engineering Co-op | Jan '21 - Jun '21

Developed a package singulation detection solution, using Tensorflow to classify images of packages. Fully integrated the project with AWS (Sagemaker, GreengrassV2, Lambda, Cloudwatch).

California Institute of Technology

Research & Software Engineering Intern | Summer '18, '19, & '20

I was apart of the Seva Sanitation Project at the Linde & Robinson Lab. The goal of this project is to develop a sustainable onsite wastewater treatment system.

2018: Developed a smart maintenance sensor network that monitors the treatment of wastewater using an Arduino & Raspberry Pi and 26 unique sensors. I also coded an Android app using Android Studio, SQLite and Amazon Web Services as a backend in order to assist local operators in system repairs.

2019: Created predictive maintenance regression and classification models to predict the remaining useful life, and most likely root cause of a given failure.

2020: Completed a beta version of the app by changing the architecture and finalizing features such as notification and error management. Developed unsupervised predictive maintenance anomaly detection through the use of clustering and deep learning techniques.

Scientific Systems Company Inc.

Robotics & UAV Co-op | Jan '19 - Jun '19

As a co-op at Scientific Systems Company Inc. I wrote collaborative autonomy software for Multi-UAV missions. I worked on the DARPA project CODE (Collaborative Operations in Denied Environments) which was wrapping up its Phase 3 development. I developed and tested missions for collaborative jamming and RF localization.




NUAV Advanced Software Projects


Ongoing development for an automous platform using Dronekit & ROS. Created a Behavior Tree library for mission planning and execution. This has been tested successfully in the field for localizing a rocket using an RF sensor array. Currently working on a mission for precision landing with ArUco markers. Future goals include swarm deployment and reintegration missions.



Developed a double DQN to train a UAV to fly through an obstacle course given depth images. Used reinforcement learning environment with OpenAI Gym and Tensorflow

AlphaPilot Challenge


Lockheed Martin autonomous drone racing competition. Developed an image classifier using the YOLOv3 architecture in order to locate gates. Implemented quadrotor path planning and control models in the FlightGoggles simulation envirnment.



Developed at the HackHarvard Hackathon. A game Tetris that is controlled with your eyes. Uses Google's Computer Vision API.

Planet Polluter


1st-Place NASA SpaceApps Hackathon Project. A game where the goal is to pollute the earth, developed in Unity.

Robotic Arm


Bluetooth control of a robotic arm using a Wiimote and an FPGA. Simulink was used to generate PWM signals in order to control the arm servos.

Piezoelectric Keyboard


Generate power by typing. Designed and prototyped a keyboard that measures the power generated from piezoelectronic sensors placed under key switches.